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Temporary Protection Status, also known as TPS, is a protection status granted to people who could not live in their countries due to various reasons. The reasons could have varied from natural disasters to wars. TPS has protected thousands of people over the years, allowing them to work and live legally in the United States. TPS recipients are from various countries including Nepal, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti and nine more countries. TPS has allowed these holders to join the United States workforce, bring new children into this country, and create new lives in the United States. TPS has been around for many years and has now been cancelled for some countries  by the Trump Administration.


The Massachusetts TPS Committee has been organized in order to prepare TPS recipients for the future and to fight for a Permanent Residency. Created by Salvadoran recipients, the committee is now formed of supporters from Nepal, Haiti, and other TPS holding countries, as well as U.S citizens. Our number one supporters are our children, U.S born, who play a role in the committee as well. The MA TPS Committee is fighting for the recipients of TPS and their children.

The MA TPS Committee is now looking for Senators and Congressmen support. With various trips to Washington, our future plans are to send our testimonies to the newly elected in the Fall of 2018. We plan on striving for the Permanent Residency as we believe TPS recipients have earned their right to ask for it. 

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